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Sigfox operates the world’s largest wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network using 0G technology which is specifically designed to connect millions of simple, low-powered, low-cost, IoT devices to the Internet while consuming as little energy as possible.

Our game changing approach makes it possible to send and receive data without the need for complex connections or SIM cards. Base stations around the globe simply listen in and capture specifically formatted radio messages from objects.

The network connects objects that need to communicate small messages as exemplified by use cases such as; tracking shipping containers, reading utility meters, monitoring air quality, securing buildings and helping farmers monitor irrigation levels.

IoT network operator for the global public network

With dedicated wireless network provider specializing in connecting simple, low powered, low cost Internet of Things (loT) devices to the internet. Unlike legacy connectivity, Sigfox unique device-to-cloud communications allows enterprises to gain insights into areas of their operations and assets, opening new opportunities for digital transformation.

Billion People Covered
Countries Covered
Million Km2 Covered

Low Power

IoT devices connected to the Sigfox IoT network are only ON when they have something to say, providing years to decades of battery life.

Long Range

Because the data communicated over Sigfox is so small, the signal has the ability to reach up to 20 miles.

Low Cost

Scale is enabled by the combination of inexpensive modules, the use of the unlicensed spectrum, and network operations being managed by Sigfox.

Use Cases

Find IoT solutions for your business all over the world

Asset Tracking

No more questioning the location of your assets

Asset Monitoring

Know the status of your assets and their conditions

Streamline Operations

Remotely monitor parts of your operations that require manual check-ins

Regulatory Compliance

Create an auditable trail that ensures you are compliant with mandates

Predictive Maintenance

Know the status of your assets before catastrophic maintenance is required

Smart Workspaces

Optimize your workspace, Feel The Difference.


Supply Chain & Logistics


Smart Cities

Utilities & Energy

Smart Buildings




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